by Exhaust

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released June 26, 2015

Recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business. May 20th, 2015.



all rights reserved


Exhaust Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Sleight
Victims of sleight
Factions of white
Light the pyre
Bring moths to the light

Patterns of hate
Your name marks the flag
A shape with no face

Violent, crazed
Taken by force
Held down by noone
So whats the point?

Haste, cultivate a living hell
Sway, poisoned by the words you sell
Plagued by life
What a fucking excuse

Blind by your own hand
Deaf by your own chant
A grinning death by your own fucking noose
Track Name: Exist
Stuck in this chronic state
I'm getting no release
This skin becomes a cage
My insides waste away

Scars that grow with age
I can't suppress the pain
It's getting hard to breathe
I can't exist this way

Numb the future corpse that begs for the grave
Force feed the pill that masks the disease
Calm the nerves while exhausting the brain
Corrupting the mind while the body decays

Take the pill
Cut the vein
Fill the grave
Ease the pain
Die alone
Rot away

Death takes less energy
I've seen enough of this fucking world
Track Name: Blind
Another shit cop earns his wings
Cashed in the dead kid in the streets
Spin the story before it hits the news
Fuck that kid and his family too

A silver badge and a firm salute
Shoot first and get your own statue
Protect and serve for a certain few
But not me, and not you

Blind, we contract the boots that are snapping our spines
We're gassing the flame that puts fear in our eyes
Thats burning the earth and sanctioning lives

Blind, what will it come to?

Erratic power becomes a disease
Inherent violence with no penalty
I'm getting sick of all the black and blue
It's time the gun points at you

Another dead cop falls in the streets
A white world that weeps on its knees
Playing hero gets no sympathy
Not from me
So fuck you
Track Name: Dead Weight
I'll be the one at the grave
I'll be the one throwing dirt
Forcing a tear as your casket falls into the earth

Resented in life and left with the scars when you leave
What kind of man were you setting an example to be?

I can't push the sights from my brain
I can't ever drown out the screams
Caged in a home where we suffered the strike of your hands

I was way to young to be dressing my own mothers wounds
Accustomed to fear, callused by all of the abuse
But you were my blood and I gave love you didn't deserve
Now I'm killing myself becoming the man that you weren't

I'm seeking worth in the ways you've grown
But I won't let the past make another excuse

I've been wasting time waiting for your grave
I'm dragging dead weight and I'm exhausted
I'm fucking struggling to let you go

For what it's worth you died long ago
I was just a child, what the fuck could I do?
You've forged a path for me to follow suit
But I wont share that coffin with you
Track Name: Confine
Manufacture Nature's grave
The guiltless feed the inhumane
Born confined to live as slaves
An unjust death for vicious gain

Corporate greed
Choke on death
Their time to bleed

Rust in the machine
Sabotage control
Bled dry by the wolf
And left out for the crow
Execute the ones who've slain
Slit their throats and watch it drain

Burn the factory
And bite the hand that locks the cage
Kill the industry
Track Name: Invertebrate
Cheap conviction buys us time
Disregard and deviate
Clever lines forge makeshift spines
Distort, deplete and mask the pain

Misuse, abuse and cast aside
Sent to burn and swept away
A divisive culture of invertebrates
A scene where noone is safe

They all turn their heads
Averting their eyes
Perverting the truth
And blurring the lines

You're all fucking cowards
Fence walking sheep
Fuck the social haze
You're not fooling me

Fall in line
Swallow the lie
Shroud your eyes
Escape the blame

Walk the fucking fence
You'll fall and break your neck

Cheap conviction buys us time
Now I'm just waiting for the end
The truth comes for us all
There's blood on your hands
I won't be a part of your fucking world